applying to |E.K|

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applying to |E.K|

Post by Omega on Sun Aug 16, 2015 7:25 pm

1- How old are you? " i'm 24 "
2- What is your name? " gorkem "
3- Gender? " male "
4- Where are you from? " i'm from turkey "
5- Ingame name(s)? "Omega "
6- GAME-RANGER ID : 3510160
7- Do you have an original CD-Key? " no
8- How long have you played COD4? " 7 years "
9- What other clans have you been in? None
10- How many hours per week do you play? " i guess 30 hours per week "
11-What Clans u have been in Before? and reason of leaving it ? "no i havent a problem
12- Do you have a microphone? "yes, i have "
13- Do you have a teamspeak3 ? " yes i have "
14- Are you willing to play for |E.K| in a clan war? " yes realy so good, i'd love to "
15- What qualities do you have that would make us want you? " well i'm perfect player and i have great aim sence and i beileve im gonna be helpful in cw's"
16- How would you rate yourself? ''10/9 "
17- Why do u want To Join Elite Killerz? " i want to join EK becouse best clan |E.K| i think best players in this clan and i always playing this server.
18- How will you Help Elite Killerz(Explain)? in clan wars. also im good at tdm,sabotage and snd.
19-Have you read our clan/server rules? " yes i read it "
20-Do you accept our clan/server rules? " yes i want realy do "

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