Joining |E.K| Clan

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Joining |E.K| Clan

Post by GrimReaper64 on Tue Aug 18, 2015 8:07 am

1- How old are you?


2- What is your name?

Mihael (but you can call me Michael)

3- Gender?


4- Where are you from?


5- Ingame name(s)?




7- Do you have an original CD-Key?


8- How long have you played COD4?

4 years

9- What other clans have you been in?

PZN# (closed) and |RS|.

10- How many hours per week do you play?


11-What Clans u have been in Before? and reason of leaving it ?

PZN# (closed) , it closed so i got out|  |RS| = My bro changed the name and they kicked me out

12- Do you have a microphone?


13- Do you have a teamspeak3 ?


14- Are you willing to play for |E.K| in a clan war?

If they need me, yes

15- What qualities do you have that would make us want you?

I play Deathrun and ROTU on your servers, and i really love it.

16- How would you rate yourself 1-10?

i would say... 8.

17- Why do u want To Join Elite Killerz?

I dont have a clan,and i love playing at your servers so much that i want to join Smile

18- How will you Help Elite Killerz(Explain)?

I will be active at your servers (I will be really active on Deathrun) and if someone asks me for a clan war,i'll say yes,of course.

19-Have you read our clan/server rules?


20-Do you accept our clan/server rules?


21-What is your ping on GR servers?

50-60 (if i download something,then its 100-300 fps)

P.S : I dont speak english very well , and i'm sorry if you didn't understand some words :/

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