[Read Before Applying] Apply Format

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[Read Before Applying] Apply Format

Post by |E.K|WaQaR on Thu Aug 13, 2015 12:01 am

Before becoming member you must be:

•Minimum age 16 years old

•Our official tag is |E.K| members will need to wear it all the time INGAME with no exception.

•You must be active on our server.

•When the clan is going to have a clan war against other clan you should participate if possible, while the clan is having clan war try to be a good TEAMSPEAK user and try not to talk too much in chat specially whining and insulting the other clan and also you cant leave the cw without a valid reason.

•You can't join our clan if you are already in one ,you will have to choose one clan.

•You must have mic and TS3.

•You must be able to speak good english

•If you become inactive in our clan for too long without telling us in the InActivity section we will have to kick you out of the clan.

•You must be mature if you are not mature you must act like one.

•You must visit our site for keeping up to date with the community.


Apply Format
We'd like to know a couple of things about you before we consider your application;

Copy from Here:


1- How old are you?

2- What is your name?

3- Gender?

4- Where are you from?

5- Ingame name(s)?


7- Do you have an original CD-Key?

8- How long have you played COD4?

9- What other clans have you been in?

10- How many hours per week do you play?

11-What Clans u have been in Before? and reason of leaving it ?

12- Do you have a microphone?

13- Do you have a teamspeak3 ?

14- Are you willing to play for |E.K| in a clan war?

15- What qualities do you have that would make us want you?

16- How would you rate yourself 1-10?

17- Why do u want To Join Elite Killerz?

18- How will you Help Elite Killerz(Explain)?

19-Have you read our clan/server rules?

20-Do you accept our clan/server rules?

21-What is your ping on GR servers?

•All |E.K| members are requested to give their votes on why a player should,or should not be allowed to join |E.K|. Any vote on "no" requires a covering explanation and will be taken into consideration.

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